Toshiba Uninterruptible Power Supply

Toshiba's industry leading power quality products are now sold and supported by the industry's leading product support team. Toromont Cat delivers fully integrated power quality solutions using Cat and Toshiba products.
Toshiba Uninterruptible Power Supply

Toshiba UPS: The Industry Leader in Reliability and Efficiency



  • Power Quality: The lowest Total Harmonic Distortion output available in the market protects your critical equipment and your business.
  • Flexibility: Wide input voltage ranges and low reflected input Harmonics allow for smaller generator sizing, lowering your overall system costs.
  • Power Density: Compact footprint and lower weight translate into more KW per square foot than any other UPS
  • Versatile Layout: Does not require rear access.  Clean internal layout means faster wiring and lower installation costs
  • Market Leading Efficiency: With up to 99% efficiency, your power and cooling costs are also reduced.
  • Increased Battery Life: With superior electronics and large capacitor banks, the Toshiba UPS protects your batteries, increasing their life expectancy and putting money back into your pocket.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):  Highest efficiency in the market, coupled with longest warranty equals predictable and lowest TCO in the industry!
  • Remote Monitoring: RemotEye technology allows you to monitor one, or all of your Toshiba UPS from anywhere, anytime.
  • Peace of Mind: 3-year warranty – the longest in the industry.
Brand Series Power Rating Voltage
Toshiba 1000 Series 1/1.5/2/3/6 kVA     Buy Now 100/110/115/120/127V
Toshiba T1000 Series 6 kVA 120/208/240V
Toshia 1600XP Series 3.6/6/8/10/14/18/22 kVA 120/208/240V
Toshiba 4300 Series 30/50 kVA 120/208V
Toshiba 4400 Series 15/20/25/30/50/80 kVA 208-600V
 Toshiba 5000 Series  10/20/30/50 kVA 120/208/480V
Toshiba G8000 Series 80-300 kVA 480/277V
Toshiba G9000 Series 100/160/225/300/500/750/1000 kVA 480/480V
 Toshiba G2020 Series 500/750 kVA  480/480V